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We are an interdenominational group of rabbis who live/work in greater Philadelphia. BOR members serve in a wide range of professional contexts and represent a diversity of rabbinic perspectives. The BOR connects rabbis to each other through relationship building and professional development, and connects rabbis to the broader community by serving as a rabbinic voice in Jewish and multi-faith forums.

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Weekly Torah Commentary

Area rabbis representing the full range of affiliations share their insights into the weekly Torah portion in this column found in the Jewish Exponent  and sponsored by the Board of Rabbis of Greater Philadelphia.  The commentaries blend Jewish thought and rabbinic insight with contemporary issues that touch our society both locally and globally and make the Torah relevant to all. If you are a member of the Board of Rabbis and would like to write a d’var Torah for this column, please click here.

BOR News

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Honoring The Tree of Life: A Yahrtzeit Commemoration

On the one year anniversary of the horrific events at Tree of Life synagogue, the Board of Rabbis gathered with the community for a commemorative program exploring personal and communal response to trauma. For coverage of this event, click...

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Rabbis Take Steps to Address Harrassment

Rabbi Joshua Waxman and Rabbi Jill Maderer write, "All of us, including in the Jewish world, are at risk of putting on one face in public but revealing a different one in private. We need to do the sacred work to ensure that what is on the inside matches what is on...

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