Thursday, January 26, 2017, 12:00 – 2:00PM,

Temple Beth Zion Beth Israel, 300 South 18th Street Phila, PA 19103 (click here for map)

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Join your colleagues for a networking lunch and the opportunity to learn from one of the leading Mussar teachers of our time. Updated BOR By-laws will also be discussed and voted on!

After the learning, a kosher, dairy lunch will be served.

A Message From Ira Stone:
The Mussar Movement has long been considered a rival or even an antagonist vis a vis Hasidut in Eastern Europe. Therefore its deep connection with Kabbalah and the larger Jewish mystical tradition has been overlooked. Contemporary evaluation of this stance reveals it to be a much more nuanced situation. We will begin with a consideration of the goals of the Mussar Movement of the 19th century and why its Kabalistic roots were hidden, but the bulk of our time will be spent on texts and a discussion of the rightful place within the mystical tradition of Mussar as, what I call, a “mystical technology.”

About Rabbi Stone:
Rabbi Stone serves as the Rosh Yeshiva of the Mussar Leadership Program located in Philadelphia.  He has served congregations in Seattle, WA and Philadelphia, PA, most recently as the spiritual leader at Temple Beth Zion-Beth Israel for 27 years (now Rabbi Emeritus.)  Stone received his education at Queens College, the University of California at Santa Barbara, the American Jewish University in Los Angeles, and the Jewish Theological Seminary, where he was ordained a Rabbi in 1979.

Rabbi Stone has been visiting lecturer in Jewish Philosophy at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, and at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College in Philadelphia. He has taught and lectured widely on Talmud and the world of Emmanuel Levinas.  He travels widely as a scholar-in-residence at synagogues at conferences.

He is the author of Reading Levinas/Reading Talmud (JPS, 1998), Seeking the Path of Life: Theological Meditations on the Nature of God, Life, Love and Death (Jewish Lights, 1993) and Sketches for a Book of Psalms (Xlibris, 2000) as well as numerous articles in various journals of Jewish thought. Rabbi Stone’s first book on mussar is A Responsible Life: The Spiritual Path to Mussar (Aviv Press 2006). His commentary on Rabbi Moshe Hayyim Luzzatto’s Mesillat Yesharim was published by The Jewish Publication Society in September 2010.

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